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What brings you here? Bored? Curious? Give me a few minutes and I'll take you on a little journey.

I'm Jordan Bayless, a student at the University of Colorado. I'm pissed but inspired.

I was shafted by a roommate who left me to pay his rent balance when he left college. He ignored my phone calls and texts after he left me a note on the kitchen table that said "Sorry Bro." I could barely pay my own portion of the rent and had basically no practical way to recover what he owed.

A friend suggested I take him to small claims court. So I Google'd "small claims court" and quickly realized that route would be a nightmare. Go ahead and Google "small claims court." Wow.

I spent hours hyperlinking my way through an endless maze of small claims information. Some of my key discoveries included: 1) I have to fill out several pages of documents to file a claim and have it notarized; 2) a filing fee of $30-$150 (depending on the state) is required; 3) the national average is between $45 and $75 to pay a sheriff to serve the defendant with court papers; 4) it will take months of waiting to appear in court; 5) there is no scheduled time for the hearing - just a date, so I have to take a whole day off to appear in court; 5) and the grand kicker is that even if I win, there's no guarantee of payment - it's my responsibility to collect the money! LMFAO - back to square 1. What a joke.

Would it be worth all that time and bureaucratic BS to try to recover $750? Umm, no. What about a claim of $1,000? Eh, maaaybe. How about $1,500? Now we're getting into the cost/benefit ballpark.

I thought about the thousands, perhaps millions of us who are owed less than $1,000 from some selfish jerk. Those jerks include siblings, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends/roommates, co-workers, people we thought were friends, etc. Was this all just lost money and a notch on our headboard of life experiences?

There had to be a better way; a solution. Solving this problem created many restless hours trying to fall asleep and quickly became an obsession.

I knew that The Establishment wasn't incentivized to solve this problem - they're comfortable in their elitist ivory tower of the established means of justice. Any hope for government-led modernization is a joke. They just don't feel the pain.

All hope for solving the problem resides within us - the anti-establishment Millennials.

The solution is crowdjustice.

There is so much more to tell. That's why I've created this blog - to invite you on this journey toward the ultimate solution. The solution, though, requires a community of support.

I have a clear vision of the future of crowdjustice. My simple request of you is to offer your email address to help me build and organize the community necessary for this crowdjustice movement to become truly impactful.

I am not selling anything so there's no fear of buyer's remorse. I will not inundate you with offers to buy anything. I will not share or sell your email address.

The bigger the community the more powerful the impact. Help me help you and millions of others.

Check back often for new and insightful (and hopefully inspiring) blog posts. The journey continues.

You can help shape the future of justice by joining the Crowdjustice Beta Society. Your opinions about the design of a new online small/micro claims court website are vitally important. And it'll be free when it goes live. You can join by providing your name and email address so that I can reach out to you to gather your opinions.



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