Why You're So Important

I hope you have 20 minutes (there's an insightful 15 minute TED Talk video embedded in this post about New Power). I want to share with you a profound change that is affecting all of us - one that elevates the importance of you.

Something big is happening unlike any time in history. Look at where the power is, who has it, and how it's shifting. Old Power meet New Power.

Because of the power of the Internet, the solving of problems is no longer monopolized by Old Power. We are now collaborating on problems that are distributed and available to all of us to help solve, instead of waiting for Old Power to bring us their solutions. This is resulting in solving more problems faster and, in most cases, better than could be expected by "the professionals," through the wisdom of crowdsourcing.

It is the power and importance of you that is forming this New Power.

To dig deeper and to truly gain appreciation for this shift in power, I encourage you to watch this fifteen minute TED Talk by Jeremy Heimans called "What New Power Looks Like."

Since we are putting our efforts into building websites that will require mass participation to be successful, I hope you can see how important you are to making Crowdjustice a reality.

If you believe that Crowdjustice is inevitable (which Jeremy Heimans makes a strong case for), I ask that you support our efforts to bring you the websites that will forever change how disputes are resolved.

Please add your important name to our growing list of New Power pioneers. By adding your name, you'll be able to provide important input into the design and testing of this new website.

#JeremyHeimans #TEDTalk

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