Crowdjustice is the Fuel

When Honda designs and manufactures a car, they source and assemble everything that's needed for the car to run for 100,000 miles or more. Everything but the fuel. Yes, they provide a small amount of fuel to ensure it gets from the manufacturing floor to the showroom and to your first gas station after purchasing the car.

Honda builds the car but you don't rely on Honda to keep fuel in your car. You have to do your part to keep the car running by adding fuel.

This concept is simple to understand and so it provides an easy to understand framework for what I and my small team are doing.

We're designing and building the vehicle for you (with your input, of course), but once it's built and ready for use, it's up to you to provide the fuel.

The vehicle is a website called Ujuj (pronounced "you judge"), that resolves money disputes for free (instead of wasting time and money on small claims court).

Crowdjustice is the fuel for Ujuj.

So what exactly is crowdjustice? Well, it's like crowdsourcing or crowdfunding, but focused on supplying justice. It's essentially a jury of thousands of people.

Without your jury votes, the Ujuj vehicle will just sit there providing no benefit. But once we add your vote and the votes of thousands of others on a case, this vehicle will hum along nicely.

Please help us design and test this new website by joining the Crowdjustice Beta Society. We want to make this website based on your needs and wants.

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