The College Time Suck

Hey Peops (or is it peeps?)! Hope all is great with you and that the new school year has started off well.

As you know, my sister Natasha and I are college students hoping to build this amazing new website for you. But as fellow students, you're well aware of the money and time constraints that college can burden us all with (for you English majors, yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition).

Fear not colleagues, for we are still using our spare time and spare change to continue to design and develop the website. We're pretty excited about the potential this website has for changing how justice is accessed through technology.

We have completed the wireframing (the basic functionality of the website as you click through) and the database structure for the videos and the tallying of votes. A lot of the code has been written with the aim of providing something meaningful for you to test when we go into beta.

Speaking of beta, we are still looking for more beta users to join the Crowdjustice Beta Society. If you have friends who you think could provide valuable feedback, please encourage them to join. Of course, the more testers, the better the outcome.

I wish you all the best as mid-terms approach.

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